My revised pitch

I think I will prefer Burnett’s Killer of Sheep.

I started writing a few sentences and am trying to pinpoint a thesis and topic related to poor black rural community. Most films relating to blacks or poor poeple take place in urban landscapes. Not Killer of Sheep. Life may seem slow and boring to the viewer, but there are many messages and symbolisms to that slow stlye of life. Are they really happy?

This is the first few sentances I wrote…

Charles Burnet’s 1977 film Killer of Sheep is an essential film portraying everyday life in a black community in an unseen American cinema. The film may be considered “unseen” because the story takes place in a setting of the country that most folks are not familiar with unfolding simplicity. A residential neighborhood of Los Angeles, Watts is comparable to a rural southern town with miles of open land filled with slaughter and farm houses. Keeping in mind that 49% of the 35,000 residents lived under the poverty line, with only 0.6% of the town being white (US census 2000), mainstream America is not fully represented in the film {the 1970’s faced similar statistics}. Perhaps that is what made the film so popular to be declared a “National Treasure” from the national film registry. Audiences and critics want to see something new and something they are not familiar with.  ( I will explain what makes it unfamiliar)

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