Auteur Theory: Look beyond the “boring & hard” parts of film

The word “Auteur” was first ┬áhard to understand. Its meaning is a filmmaker whose individual style and complete control over all elements of production give a film its personal and unique stamp. I suppose the personality of the film is created by the Auteur. Like a person who goes on a date, every girl will be different and will have different personalities. It’s her personal “stamp” that defines her. A movie and its producer want us to be involved in the relationship. The auteur wants us to value it ( as Sarris explains). Interior meaning is the another feature of Auteur feature. Just like every auteur and film differs, each audience viewer differs. I may like something that another person may hate. The qualities may be “good” or “bad” about a film, but that doesnt mean I will particularly love it or hate it. Sarris gives the example of a space orbit. When we watch a film, we are entering the films “orbit”. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are becoming captured into the meanings, messages, and aspects of the film. The qualities of Auteur are capturing us.

Another aspect I admire about Auteurs is as Bazin explains, they share what they trully love. Their expressions and political opinions placed forth in their film capture what is going on in their mind. An Auteur will hardly present or create something that he doesnt share a common love for. What is presented might go beyond appropriate or socially acceptable but again, we enter their “orbit”. A shot of a urinal or a mass slaughter of horses might go beyond my imagination of enjoyment, but that really doesnt matter in the Auteur theory. Censorship becomes a big problem. Learning new ideas as a means of escapism might be good for all of us. If I were to produce a film, I probably wouldn’t kill cats and dogs. But before we insult any work of film art, Kael suggests we try to look for the deeper meaning of the Auteur message. There might be something we may not understand or agree with but we should value it for what its worth. Think of the other audience members, and their connection to the film. Give film a chance. The concluding opinion I have for the Auteur Theory is about looking at human-productions in a “cup is half full, not half empty way”.

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